For years my father would ask “what’s your passion?” He was always pushing me to discover what I love, making me feel as though I could do anything, if only I could figure out what that passion was… He will one day leave behind big shoes of pursuing passion that I will never fully fill, but I’ll continue to try. A Bachelors in Communication Sciences and Disorders, ten years of marriage, and three amazing children later, I’ve finally figured it out. Our homes, big or small, elaborate or simple, rustic or modern, should be a peaceful place where we make our most special memories. We moved several times throughout my childhood into houses that were mostly furnished, and I watched my mother always transform them into our home. Despite outdated wallpaper, green shag carpet, creepy basements, orange plaid scratchy sofas, she arranged and rearranged until it felt like home again. Growing up in misfit houses, without realizing it, inspired me to pursue helping others enjoy their homes and gave me an appreciation for different styles and architectures. I approach every project by beginning with a source of sentiment and inspiration for each client. This could be an old piece of china, a painting, a rug, a local artist, anything really. The goal is always to create a timeless space, and the only way to achieve that in my mind is for it to truly have meaning and feel authentic. Design trends will come and go, thank goodness or it would get super boring. Living in Athens, I’m always inspired by all of the artistic people around me, and I try to incorporate that creativity in my designs. The advice I give every client is to make decisions based on the context of his or her space and incorporate what matters most.

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